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Christian books for embedding key truths, beliefs and character traits into your family life

From raising your children to ensuring a healthy marriage, Christian Supplies has a range of literature that ensures you can be steadfast in your faith. From the wonderful privileges of being a parent to the overwhelming responsibility of instilling the right values and beliefs in your Christian family, our resources can help.

You don’t have to walk through life alone or unguided. In his goodness, God has provided plenty of instructions for being a parent and raising a family in his Word.

Let God can provide the grace, patience and wisdom you need to shepherd your family he has given you

The ideal marriage and family life can be achieved when we trust God’s power, whatever your situation. Our family literature will support you in your endeavours to raise up godly children.

The fundamental goal for Christian parents should be to guide their children to a saving faith in Christ and to set them on a path to maturity, bringing them to the full measure of his glory (Eph 4:13).

Parenting is one of God’s most important callings. Children, as we know, are a gift and blessing from God (Psalm 127:3-5). Only Jesus achieved perfection; thus, God does not expect parents to be perfect. He encourages us to look to Christ, the forerunner and perfecter of our faith, and to follow in his glorious footsteps the best we can, seeking his guidance (Heb 12:2). Our selection of books can help with this; view the entire family collection below today.