All our Devtrade Olive Wood products are handmade by persecuted Christian Palestinian families living in the West Bank Region of Bethlehem! 

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These products are created in Beit Shour, a small Palestinian village, by the Mosleh Family Workshop, which comprises of five artisans who are family and neighbours of Issa, the primary business operator. As this area has few opportunities, it is the hope of Issa and his family to provide income for the talented artisans through the sale of their olive wood creations.

“It’s very important that we stay and continue our work, even though so many are leaving” - Issa Mosleh

Bethlehem is a hostile environment with high security everywhere. The West Bank Barrier, a security fence, looms over the streets. Many of the Christian minority are fleeing due to economic and religious persecution.

Your support provides the livelihood for these families and their community. It is part of our Devtrade range which provides trade opportunities for disadvantaged communities throughout the world.

Olive wood has played an important part in Palestinian life and continues to provide a material source for artistry.

After 12 months of drying the wood, these hand crafted items take as many as
45 days to produce. The wood is drilled down into a rough shape, chiselled to give detail, sanded, polished and coated in olive wax.

The finished products have a natural fragrance, are smooth to the touch and have interesting colour grading due to the rich grain texture of the olive wood.

They are created by minority Christian groups in the West bank Region and supports their welfare.

God Bless,

The Christian Supplies Team