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LEADING CATHOLIC SCHOOLS - A Practical Guide for Emerging Leaders

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Quick Overview

Leading Catholic Schools has two main purposes in mind. The first is to guide the professional learning and development of aspiring leaders and to encourage teachers to consider movement into leadership positions. The second is to unite Catholic schools around a vision of agreed leadership practices – ‘the standards’ – and to provide a foundation for formalised assessment against these practices.

This book looks briefly at the story of Catholic schools in Australia. In the process of doing so it explores secularisation, culture, community, and charism and identity, before re-examining the mission of Catholic schools and leadership. Servant leadership is explained and explored in detail, as is the very important topic of formation for leadership.

Leading Catholic Schools is a book that will equip you and your community with the tools to ensure the  most effective Catholic school education. It is a contemporary approach guided by both history, life, and education in the modern world, and the resources available to the Church in its mission to educate. Above all, it is a scholarly approach grounded in the earliest teachings of the Church.

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