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These Priest-size low gluten altar breads are provided as an alternative to regular wheat-based communion wafers.  They contain 27 parts per million gluten which is well under the limit for low gluten foods of 200 parts per million.  They are 70mm in diameter, come in a pack of 10 and are designed for the Priest's use.

They are preferred by the Catholic Church which requires some small part of gluten in the altar bread.  

If you have coeliac disease however, Coeliac Australia advises that the optimum treatment is a diet free from any gluten and as such, recommends that only gluten free communion hosts be consumed.  Coeliac Australia recognises, however, that for some, this may not be possible as religious convictions and the teaching of their Church require a small amount of gluten to be present in communion hosts.  For further details, see Coeliac Australia website:

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