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Christian Crosses & Crucifixes

Religious crosses and crucifixes are a popular symbol in Christianity and are often used for personal worship, decoration, and as gifts. At Christian Supplies you will find crosses and crucifixes in different materials and styles such as wood, metal, plastic and hand painted.

Crosses & Crucifxes for All Styles

Wooden crosses and crucifixes are a popular choice for many believers. They offer a warm, natural look and feel, and can be carved or painted to reflect a wide range of styles and designs. While a simple, plain wooden cross can be a beautiful representation of one's faith, see our Bethlehem crosses, a more ornate design such as the El Salvador crosses with hand painted details may be a better choice for someone who is looking for a more decorative option. Wooden crosses can also be easily customized with engravings or personal touches, such as the name of a loved one or a special date.

In terms of metal options, they can also be more ornate than wooden options, with designs that incorporate decorative elements. Some metal crosses and crucifixes may also feature more intricate depictions of Jesus Christ or other figures in religious history. Check our corpuses and standing crosses range for wooden and metal options.

We also offer San Damiano crosses, St Benedict Crosses and wall crosses in various sizes and styles.

Regardless of the material, purchasing a religious cross or crucifix it’s a meaningful and personal experience. It is important to choose a piece that resonates with your faith and personal style. If you are purchasing for a gift, consider the recipient's preferences and faith background. Christian Supplies offers a wide range of options and you will certainly find the perfect cross or crucifix for you or your loved one.