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Parish Resources

Looking for something special for your parish?

Build and invest in your people right now with a range of helpful books for your parish from Christian Supplies. Read these books together and spend time in smaller teams discussing their many ideas as you explore and grow your faith.

From books about leadership to stories and studies of the written word of God, there is no end to the discussions and learnings you and your parish can enjoy with our wide range of Christian resources. We have options to suit Christians of all levels as they walk their path with the support of their community.

Help your parish grow with fiction and non-fiction books

We are continually updating the range of Christian books at Christian Supplies, ensuring you always find something new whenever you visit. Bookmark this page to keep across all of the new releases, and choose from our large selection to see which options will be suitable for you and your parish.

Build your own resource library so members of your parish can explore more about the Christian world through some of the best-selling titles available. Our team collate a range of books from all over the world to show many perspectives on the Christian way of living. Explore them all for yourself below today.