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Church Candles

Why do we use candles in worship?

Candles and votive lights in Christian worship go back to when the faithful used the catacombs for prayer during persecution. However, the most commonly held reason for using candles is rooted in need for illumination at the Vigil Mass at Easter.

Initially, the use of light during service was functional, but eventually, it was seen as a way to celebrate the holy light that marks the resurrected Son of God. Soon, lights became commonplace during liturgical services, and today, we make it easy to continue this with a large range of candles available at Christian Supplies.

Place our candles before altars or shrines dedicated to the saints

Candles continue to mark the faithful's prayers as they request saints to make holy prayers of intercession. In some instances, the illumination of these lights takes on the colour that represents the saint being petitioned, which is why we stock such a large selection. For example, votive candles to the Blessed Virgin Mary are often in blue glasses, and candles that honour the presence of the Blessed Sacrament are found in clear or white.

Find the richness and meaning of worship with our selection of votive lights and candles to acknowledge that our time spent in worship and prayer is holy due to the way the light of Christ illumines us. See the full range below.