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Give meaning and a sense of achievement to your parishioners with our range of certificates

A church certificate can recognise a person's faithful attendance or distinguished service or be used to mark a significant spiritual moment in their life. In addition, congregations confer awards and honours for perfect attendance at worship or Sunday school, participation in vacation Bible school and active involvement in church life.

With the range of certificates available at Christian Supplies, you can also provide records of baptisms, First Communions and other stages of spiritual growth. This simple yet special method of marking a milestone has been adopted across the world as a cost-effective way to make important moments memorable.

Quality certificates to celebrate milestones for those living the Christian faith

As an example, baptismal certificates are one such document that states when and where an individual was baptised. In addition, the certificate generally notes the name and title of the presiding minister and the names of the baptised person's sponsors.

This is just one instance in which our certificates can be utilised to help make essential moments feel more special; providing a lasting memory of an important milestone in someone's spiritual journey. Our certificate looks beautiful framed and hung to serve as constant reminders of achievements in faith and life. View the full selection below and order in bulk to ensure you are always ready to celebrate some of life's most important moments.