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Celebrate advent with quality items from Christian Supplies

The season of candlelight, reflection, and expectation is made easy thanks to the extensive advent range at Christian Supplies. The holiday, which comes from the Latin word for arrival, serves as a countdown to Christmas when we honour the birth of Jesus Christ.

We prepare for one of Christianity’s most important holidays during Advent. For around four weeks, the season of candlelight, reflection, and expectation provides us with time to get ready for Christmas and the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

The importance of Advent

Advent is named from adventus, the Latin word for “arrival.” Did you know that historians have tracked the first formal Advent celebrations in northern Italy? Churchgoers observed a weeks-long Christmas preparation involving fasting, prayer, and reflection on their Christian values as part of Advents origins.

Eventually, this preparation became known as Advent, and around the sixth century, Christians in France celebrated a five-week “St. Martin’s Lent”, which included fasts leading up to Christmas.

Sundays during Advent hold a traditional meaning with prayers and readings assigned to them; they represent virtues of love, joy, hope, and peace. Advent is a multi-faceted period to prepare for the birth of Christ, celebrate faith in and conversion to Christianity, and anticipate the eventual resurrection of the son of God, and we make it easy to celebrate with the large selection below.