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Combined Communion & Confirmation

All special occasions are made more memorable at Christian Supplies

Communion is a sacrament that is practised by many Christian denominations. This is an important celebration of the Last Supper that Jesus had with the disciples. In communion, bread and wine are consumed as symbols of the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

While there is a difference between communion and confirmation, both are celebrated equally at Christian Supplies, and we have a range of cards and gifts that can mark how important these occasions are.

Find a wide range of combined communion and confirmation gifts online at Christian Supplies

While these practices may happen regularly, their importance cannot be understated. Therefore, we make it easy and affordable to mark these special moments with a range of combined communion and confirmation gifts and items that help you share your faith and the word of the Lord.

The confirmation is an important sacrament, usually performed around the age of 14. The sacrament of confirmation strengthens the bond with the Holy Spirit. In confirmation, the bishop prays for the Holy Spirit to come upon us as a way to empower the confirmand so they may go out into the world and spread the Gospel message. With Christian Supplies' wide range below, you can help mark this special occasion for your loved ones. Shop the full range today!