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Indigenous Crosses

Celebrate your faith and the traditional owners of Australia with our range of indigenous crosses

There are many Indigenous Christians in Australia today, and to celebrate this cultural union, Christian Supplies stocks a range of crosses decorated with Indigenous art to help decorate your home or church.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families came by their Christian faith via missionaries and mission stations. Today, more than half of the Indigenous population identifies as Christian. Elders of the community express sorrow for the stolen children, land and wages but also recall positive memories from their mission station days. There is gratitude for the missionaries who taught them about the Bible and worship the crucified and risen Jesus.

Celebrate Australia’s Indigenous people at Christian Supplies

The religious and cultural transformation that is still celebrated today—the Coming of Light festival hosts NAIDOC, a nationwide celebration of Australia’s Indigenous cultures. Since 1938 the event has run, when Aboriginal church networks, led by Indigenous activist William Cooper, promoted a National Day of Mourning. This is just one of the many ways that Christianity and Indigenous culture intersect and are celebrated.

You can continue this sentiment in a small way by displaying our Indigenous cross selection in your home or church to show your support for your faith and the original owners of our land. View the full range below today.