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Christian Music & DVDs

Music is a very important part of Christian worship, and we offer a wide selection of the very best at Christian Supplies

From Gospel music to contemporary Christian hip hop, jazz and rock, there is plenty of amazing Christian music from all across the world. Inspired by the Christian faith, it has never been easier to worship all God is and what he has done through the power of song.

Along with this, you'll find a range of films and documentaries that help tell the story of Christ and more via our large selection of DVDs.

Give praise and thanks for what Christ accomplished through song

In Christ's death and resurrection, we can be justified by faith and the right relationship with God. We celebrate being set free from sin and death in song, knowing we will be raised to eternal life with Christ.

Through music and film, we worship because God is good and worthy of praise. Below you will find a large selection of entertainment that helps you praise God and celebrate life in his light. We are contu=inually adding to this collection, encompassing new releases as they arrive. We recommend bookmarking this page, as your new favourite Christian song or film could be added any day!