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Learn more about Mary Magdalene with our devoted collection

There may well be no historical figure as controversial or mysterious as Mary Magdalene. As a devout follower of Jesus, Mary followed him to the end and was the first to witness his resurrection. Since then, she has been labelled many things, and you can learn more about the mysterious life of Mary Magdalene through the Christian Supplies book collection below.

Mary's appearances are few in the Bible, mainly during the days surrounding the Easter weekend, but as we dive deeper, we realise her actions and the effort to identify her have made her a major figure in Christianity. First mentioned in Luke 8:13, she was noted as one of the followers of Jesus; you can learn more about her story with these high-quality books.

Explore the controversy around Mary Magdalene's life

Believed to be Jesus' favourite by the apostles, Mary was asked to reveal the many secret teachings that were given to her by Jesus while consoling the other apostles.

Where Mary went and what she did after she left the apostles can be explored via a range of readings that study her life both before and after her time with Jesus. Learn more about one of the most important figures in Christian history, and bookmark this page to keep up with any new Mary Magdelene releases as we add them to our collection.