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Find a range of stunning DevTrade stoles at Christian Supplies today!

The practice of a stole around the necks of the newly confirmed during the sacrament is an important tradition, and at Christian Supplies, we have a range of stunning, handmade DevTrade stoles that have the added benefit of helping those in need!

The stole is a long strip of cloth worn like a scarf. Often it is adorned with fringes or designs. As with other liturgical vestments, the stole's colour depends on the feast or celebrated season, although purple is always used in the sacrament of reconciliation.

The stole is also a symbol of a priestly office!

Priests and bishops wear the stole hanging straight down, whereas deacons wear the stole diagonally across the body, draped over the left shoulder. Apart from being one of the vestments for the celebration of Mass, the stole is used in administering all sacraments, when the Blessed Sacrament is touched, and when preaching.

At Mass, the stole is usually worn underneath the chasuble. Priests are no longer required to cross the two ends of the stole, rather, they use the cincture tied around the alb to secure the stole. Find a full range of unique, handmade DevTrade stoles below and help those in need today!