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PERU - Nativities and Gourds

Our nativities and gourds are sourced from Intercrafts CIAP in Peru.  This is a member organisation made up of local artisans who are both suppliers and owners of the company.  They are proud members of the World Fair Trade Organisation.

They offer quality Peruvian crafts that promote the diversity and culture of their country in order to contribute to the sustainable development of artisans. 

Intercrafts has been in operation since 2002.  The objective of the organisation is not to reach a high level of profits but to be a marketing channel for handicrafts and to generate sustainable income for their over 300 artisans.

Intercrafts production and purchasing processes are certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation.  They respect fair payment, the protection of the environment and dignified working conditions.



BETHLEHEM - Olive Wood Products


We source our olive wood products from Gloria Investments in the Holy Land of Bethlehem, Palestine.  Gloria Investments is owned by Palestinian Christians, a much-persecuted minority in the region.

Gloria Investments’ journey started in the early 1970’s, when Issa J Musleh, alongside his father, worked day and night to improve his skills in carving small pieces of olive wood and exceled in the olive wood industry.

Many years thereafter, with the mission to establish fair trade opportunities for all, Issa J Musleh decided to expand his work and founded Gloria Investments, providing the biggest wholesale and retail services within the industry.

Since 2008, Gloria Investments has been working and cooperating with approximately 65 olive wood workshops.  These workshops belong mainly to Christian families in Bethlehem, Palestine - located east of Jerusalem. Stemming from their aim to develop and strengthen the olive wood industry and based on their morals and standards in supporting the local Christian community, Gloria Investments has expanded these workshops’ opportunities and increased fair trade initiatives by importing accessories for them at a fair price.

Gloria Investments strive to provide top services, fair trade, elite and customized products to clients all over the globe.

Located just a few meters away from the Shepherds’ Field in the heart of Beit Sahour, Palestine, the headquarters of Gloria Investments offers not only top-quality services & products, but also a fantastic location to visit with breathtaking views, as one of our directors can attest.

Their motto is:  When trade becomes fair, we have accomplished our goal!





EL SALVADOR - Vibrantly-painted Wooden Products


Our brightly-painted wooden products from El Salvador are sourced from two different cooperatives in El Salvador – El Salvador Crafts and El Arbol De Dios.  These two cooperatives support local artisans from varying mountain villages to provide food, shelter, health and education for their children and the greater community.

The men in the community cut down the pine trees and shape the wood before the designs are screen printed and distributed to many homes in the area to be hand-painted.

El Salvadorian products include coloured crosses, nativity scenes and copinol seed necklaces.


INDIA – Handmade Crocheted Cotton Lace Products


Our beautiful hand-made crocheted lace products are sourced from Emmanuel Handicrafts in India.  These products include lace crosses and lace stoles.

Emmanuel Handicrafts commenced in 1994 as a Christian organisation to provide work for very poor local women in the Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, India.

The lace making was originally introduced to this area by a Scottish missionary called Mrs Macre in 1844.  She taught four very poor local women who were without proper work the ancient skill of crocheting cotton.  God has blessed this work so that today the Coastal area of Andhra Pradesh is mostly dependent on this artisan work with over 30 rural villages relying on this trade.

Emmanuel Handicrafts aims to create work for the sake of the artisans – to provide daily bread for themselves and their families, but also for their enjoyment and encouragement. Its motto is to love God and love your neighbour as yourself. Each day at the organisation starts with singing of hymns, reading of Scriptures and communal prayer before the artisans attend to their work.


THAILAND – Woven Stoles

We source hand-crafted woven stoles from Thai Tribal Crafts in Thailand.  They are proud members of the World Fair Trade Organisation.

Traditionally the tribal people of Thailand have supported their families by engaging in slash and burn agriculture which required them to move their village every few years in search of new fields when the old ones lost their fertility.  It is now no longer possible for them to continue this semi-nomadic lifestyle as there are no new places to move on to.

Mainly for ecological reasons the Thai Government now prohibits the felling of tress and the clearing of hillside land.  Thus, the tribal people are finding that they have less land on which to support their families.

The production and sale of handicrafts is an obvious answer to their problem and one which does not destroy the traditions of the tribal community life.  In fact, handicraft production helps to restore and revive these traditions which otherwise might have been forgotten.

Today, seven hill tribes, also known as the tribal people or highland people of Northern Thailand (namely the Akha, Hmong, Karen, Lahu, Lawa, Lisu and Mien groups), as well as many tribal women living in Chian Mai are working together in this fair-trade journey for Thai Tribal Crafts.