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First Holy Communion- Why is it important?

Discover where Holy Communion comes from, why it's important and how to celebrate it.

Children usually make their First Holy Communion around the age of 8 to 10 years old.  This is an exciting time for the children as they partake of the bread and wine for the first time!  They join with the rest of the community around the table and become full members of the Church.

Just as Christians in the early Church met with other believers to celebrate the Breaking of the Bread, so today Christians still gather as a community on Sunday to celebrate their faith in the same way.  In fact, the word communion comes from the Greek word, koinonia, which means fellowship or sharing.

The bread represents Christ’s body, and the wine represents Christ’s blood.  In fact, Catholics believe that in the celebration of Eucharist, the bread and wine actually become the Body and Blood of Christ (this is called transubstantiation). They further believe that those who share the Body and Blood at the Lord’s table become the body of Christ ready to go into the world and bring Christ’s love and peace to others.

Christian Supplies would love to help you and your young person celebrate their first Holy Communion.  We have a range of Communion-themed products from books and bibles to gifts such as photo frames, rosary beads, jewellery, stoles, plaques and more.

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