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Teaching Resources

Creating an environment where faculty, staff and students will grow

“…in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and men” (Luke 2:52).

At Christian Supplies, we believe in the importance of a Christian education. With our range of teaching supplies and aids, students will learn about the world around them and cultivate a deep relationship with God that has longevity.

The goal of a school is to educate our children about life and the world. Our teaching supplies make it easier to help with Christian education to teach more about the world God created while relating this back to how our faith is woven into each learning area. Find purpose through God’s Will for our life through understanding God, His Word, and His works. This is how we can know the truth and show His love to all.

A Christian education is much more than just having a Bible

Integrating a biblical worldview into every study area is much easier with our teaching resources below. For example, most families visit the church once a week. As a result, we only learn about God once a week. With our Christian teaching resources, children learn that God doesn’t only exist on Sunday but is constantly at work in the world every day.

Build on what’s taught at church and strive to spark a desire in your students to learn more about God and the Bible, preparing them to follow Christ after they finish school.