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DevTrade (Trade for Development) is an initiative of Christian Supplies. Our aim is to raise awareness and support for disadvantaged communities that rely on the sale of handicraft items for their wellbeing. We are proud to work with small artisan communities from around the world to bring you these beautifully crafted items at a fair price. By purchasing these hand-crafted items you are helping to support local families who depend on the sale of Christian goods. We invite you to join us in empowering and supporting these artisan communities by promoting Trade for Development.

What is DevTrade?

DevTrade is a wholesale business and Trade for Development initiative of Christian Supplies which imports religious goods from disadvantaged communities from around the world. Currently stocking over 250 handcrafted items and spanning seven different countries, DevTrade is creating a link between disadvantaged artisan communities and the rest of the world.

What is the Goal of DevTrade?

Our aim is to raise awareness and support for disadvantaged communities which rely on handcrafts for their wellbeing. We understand and believe that every human person has an inherent dignity and we strive to uphold that dignity through trade of their crafts.

View our Trade For Devleopment Policy here.

The Story of DevTrade...

The story of DevTrade begins in Palestine when its previous owner, Janet Reid, decided to develop an import company in order to help families that had lost their livelihood. Opportunities to partner with co-operatives and artisan groups in other developing countries came naturally with her involvement in the Fair Trade movement. Importing brightly coloured crosses from El Salvador, beautifully carved statues from Palestine and hand-painted nativity sets from Peru became a way to help provide support and build relationships with the disadvantaged communities she visited.

Janet Reid ran DevTrade for 22 years before selling the business to Christian Supplies in 2010.  Christian Supplies is a retail and wholesale company serving the broader Church from Brisbane, Queensland. 

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