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Rosary Beads

Count your prayers with our DevTrade rosary beads

The word “Rosary” translates to a chain of roses, with the roses as prayers. The Rosary Prayer helps to inform us about the life of Jesus along with his Mother, Mary. As a prayer, the rosary reminds us that we are never alone, especially when we pray. Always remember that when we pray, we are helped by the prayers of Our Lady and all of the saints in heaven, as well as the devotions of all the members of the Church.

The rosary prayer also teaches the words of the most important prayers. All of the Rosary Beads are used to help us as they count our prayers and tell us which is the right prayer to say. With our wide range of DevTrade rosary beads, you can keep a special rosary while supporting those who are less fortunate.

Did you know that the rosary is more than a prayer?

According to Mary's example, the rosary symbolises our destiny in and with God. To live up to this destiny, we need faith in God's marvellous deeds for us, perseverance in his ways (hope) and a practical attitude toward living our faith, which is charity.

This sentiment is perfectly aligned with our DevTrade rosary beads, which help those who created them live a more comfortable and healthy life. Find our full selection of DevTrade rosary beads below, and add a special piece to your collection while helping others.