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Prayer is your conversation with God, and we can help

Prayer can be silent or out loud, using set words or your own. At Christian Supplies, we have a set of texts that can help you deepen your conversation with God. In prayer, we lift our minds and hearts to God, and while there are many different kinds of prayer, all are incredibly important.

We look to support your praise of God for his greatness and requests for God's mercy and forgiveness. Finally, in prayer, we thank God for his many blessings and ask for healing, courage and wisdom.

Understanding the importance of prayer

We believe that prayer deepens our faith. Praying can help us to form a greater understanding of God's purpose in our lives. We know that God answers prayers, but not always in the way we may want. With our range of prayer support texts, all available via the listings below, you can reach a higher spiritual level.

Use the 'Jesus Prayer', a rosary to meditate on the life of Jesus, and much more as you deepen your faith through the power of prayer. We recommend that you bookmark this page as we continually add new prayer support texts. We understand that prayer is a significant part of the Christian way and a method by which we can all feel closer to our Lord. Shop our full range of prayer support items below today.