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Prayer Tables

Prayer Tables Collection at Christian Supplies

At Christian Supplies you'll find everything you need to create a sacred and beautiful space for prayer and reflection. Our collection encompasses a variety of items to enhance your prayer table, infusing it with symbolism, reverence, and devotion.

Shop Prayer Table Cloths Online

Elevate your prayer table's aesthetics with our exquisite selection of prayer table cloths. Choose from a spectrum of color options that resonate with your spiritual atmosphere and style. These cloths not only provide a backdrop for your sacred items but also add a touch of elegance to your prayer space, enriching your moments of connection with God.

Shop Wood Hearts and Crosses Online

Discover the perfect balance of symbolism and serenity with our olive wood hearts and crosses. Crafted with care, these wooden accents infuse your prayer table with a sense of grounded devotion. Let these pieces remind you of the love and sacrifice central to your faith journey as they grace your sacred space.

Shop General Items for Your Prayer Table

Craft a captivating focal point on your prayer table with our range of essentials. Choose from an array of candles, each radiating a gentle glow that symbolizes spiritual illumination. Elevate your scripture reading with our Bible stand, allowing for easy engagement with sacred texts. Crown your table with a cross on a stand, representing our faith's core principles and guiding our moments of contemplation.

Explore our collection to curate a space that aligns with your spiritual intentions and draws you closer to your beliefs.