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Support those in need and add beauty to your home!

At Christian Supplies, we have an extensive range of DevTrade goods, which are handcrafted products made by communities in need to raise some much required support. Of all of these products, we are sure you will agree that our statues selection is some of the best! Find a range of handmade Christian statues to use as gifts or decorate your home while supporting those who are less fortunate.

View our full selection and help add the bible's most important figures to your home with a range of Christian imagery carved in stunning wood to decorate your home.

Help those in need while adding love to your home today

Whether as a gift for yourself or someone else, these handmade statues will suit a range of interior design looks while adding another example of your faith to your home. The best part is that while adding these stunning pieces to your home, you are supporting communities in need.

View our full selection of handmade Devtrade statues below and order online for simple delivery to your door. Bookmark this page for easy access and check-in whenever you need a gift idea or a new piece, as we are always adding new and different pieces to our selection. Find your new favourite statue today!