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4 Unique Things to Give Up for Lent

Challenge yourself this Lent checkout our picks of what to give up

Lent means so much to different people. Whether you stick to tradition or are just new to the season, here are a couple of ways to observe Lent and replacing what your giving up with more devotional time and Christian Values.


  1. Social Media:

The ever addictive world of digital social media that causes time to speed up with no real results should be given a rest over the next 40 days.

Replace that time with Bible reading. Put down your devices and pick up your Bible, even if it’s for 15 minutes per day and watch your Christian faith evolve and grow.

The Word of God is so important to the Christian-it is the literal God-given manual for this life and the next so why not get to know God better through his Word.

We recommend the origin story in the book of John.

  1. Online Shopping:

With so many online shopping apps and a sale every other day; use the next 40 days to be a wise steward of your money.

Sew the holes in your pockets by cutting out online shopping and instead invest your money on things like paying off your debts and setting new financial goals.

We recommend jotting your goals and plans in a journal that you can refer back to.

  1. Alcohol:

Cutting out alcohol from your diet has many benefits and removes the temptation to over indulge altogether. As Australians, this can be a tough one as it's a societal norm to drink for any reason and no reason at all. While fine in small doses, alcohol has a numbing effect on the mind and in excess can cause you to act out of character.

If you’re up to the challenge, why not practice mindfulness, creating new habits and re-evaluate certain habits and pleasures you enjoy and align them with your faith. 

We recommend reading Cleaning up Your Mental Mess to better understand why you do what you do and how you can rewire your mind.

If you don’t drink, why not give up coffee? Or

  1. Gossiping:

Nobody wants to be known as a gossip and it’s easy to- in fact our faith makes it clear that it’s a notable thing that dishonours God and Christian living. This lent, figure out what causes you to gossip and make a conscientious effort to avoid it. A great way tp prevent gossip is to think: Would I say that to the person and how about I pray about it instead of telling others about it.

If it concerns you, it concerns God, so why not tell him instead of other people.

We recommend during this time of Lent, build up your prayers and devotions until they become a impulsive habit.


Even if you’re not giving up anything this year; you can choose to focus on bettering your values biblically and invest in yourself spiritually through prayer and devotion.

Christian Supplies wishes you all the best during this period of Lent and Easter

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